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Maintaining and rehabilitating Tanks and Silos is at the heart of what we do. Tank painting is an involved, specialized process that requires a high level of skill and expertise. Over the years, we have finished countless tanks and silos for our loyal clients. We work hard to earn customer satisfaction by delivering quality results every time.

Tank & Silo painting, in essence, is part of property maintenance; not only does it keep your assets looking presentable, but it also preserves structural integrity so you can avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Special Care Taken to Painting
Tanks & Silos

Painting tanks and silos require special care and attention to ensure workers’ safety, the structures’ integrity, and the effectiveness of the applied coatings. Here are some key aspects of the special care taken during the painting process:

  1. Surface preparation: Proper surface preparation is crucial to achieving a long-lasting and effective paint job. This can involve cleaning the surface to remove dirt, grease, and other contaminants and removing loose paint and rust. Abrasive blasting or power washing may be used for this purpose.
  2. Choosing the right paint: The paint for tanks and silos must suit the specific environment and the structure’s material. Special coatings may be required to protect against corrosion, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations.
  3. Application technique: Expert painters use various methods, such as spraying, rolling, or brushing, depending on the surface and the paint being used. The proper process ensures even coverage and a durable finish.
  4. Safety measures: Painting tanks and silos often involves working at heights and confined spaces. Safety precautions, such as harnesses, safety nets, and proper ventilation, must be taken to protect the workers.
  5. Inspection and quality control: Regular inspections are conducted during the painting process to ensure the quality of the work. This may include checking the thickness of the paint, looking for defects, and monitoring adherence to safety protocols.
  6. Environmental considerations: Painters take care to minimize the impact of their work on the environment. This can involve using eco-friendly paint products, responsibly containing and disposing of waste materials, and adhering to local regulations and guidelines.
  7. Ongoing maintenance. This includes periodic inspections, touch-ups, and recoating when necessary.

BEST Painting can ensure that tanks and silos receive a high-quality, durable finish that protects the structures and extends their lifespan by taking special care during the painting process.

Special Care
Is also taken with your silos to ensure all corporate colours and design specifications are finished to showcase your structures to all who see them.

Tank Farm Preparation & Painting

This tank farm was prepared to SSPC WJ4specs, all bare areas primed with Wasser Prepbond. Corroded areas coated with Wasser MioMastic to increase film build for long term protection.

Finished with two coats of Wasser MC Luster. Pipes finished with Wasser MC Ferrox A.

Fuel Tank Coatings

Fuel tank coatings are essential to maintaining the safety, integrity, and longevity of fuel storage tanks. Choosing the appropriate coating and ensuring proper application and maintenance are critical for the success of this protective measure.

Exterior coatings: The exterior surfaces of fuel tanks are exposed to various environmental factors, such as sunlight, moisture, and temperature fluctuations, which can lead to corrosion and degradation. Exterior coatings protect the tank from these elements, preserving its structural integrity and appearance. In addition, exterior coatings provide UV resistance and protection against chemical spills or other environmental hazards.

Outstanding corrosion resistance.  Add industry-leading field and technical service, and you have the best value available for your tank coating needs.

Silo Coating Specialist​

Providing professional painting services to:
• Petrochemical
• Food
• Plastics and all other industries that have bulk storage tank needs.

At B.E.S.T Painting We Stand
Behind our Work 100%

These silos were painted by us in April 2017. We came
back to perform a standard QA inspection.
Findings: After 4 winters
these silos still look fantastic!

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The peace of mind of working with professionals...

When it comes time to make a decision of who should paint your facility, the following factors need to be taken into consideration:

  • Are the crews seasoned professionals?
  • Has the job been inspected and will it be supervised by a NACE Level 3 Coating Inspector?
  • Have you been provided an exact coating system as per the Coating Inspector’s instructions?
  • Is the work guaranteed?
  • Are they insured against damages?
  •  Is the product being used proven to be long lasting and top-of-the-line?
  • Is the company organized and in communication with you?
  • Are they coordinating with you to minimize impact on production?


Areas we service:

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Heavy industrial epoxy coatings can be a perfect solution for all kinds of products, from potable water to oils and fuels, and everything in between. Being engineered to withstand a variety of environments, including high pressure, heat, and hazardous chemicals, our coatings solutions will provide protection and containment for specialized purposes.