Health & Safety for Industrial &
Commercial Painting Companies

B.E.S.T. Painting Ltd. is committed to the highest degree of safe-work practices on all our projects. Our safety management strategies translate into safe working environments, and we use inspected equipment to protect the crews and minimize operating risks.

Our personnel are trained to meet and exceed site safety regulations and notice site-specific conditions and work within them. Our personnel also have extensive experience with high-stress and busy work environments, which translates into safety conscious and effective strategies.

We have a zero-tolerance approach to safety violations, but this approach has not been necessary for us in the main, due to our insistence of policy application and heightened awareness to site safety regulations.

Because we pride ourselves in our commitment to workplace safety, we hold one of the highest safety ratings with the WSIB and intend on keeping it that way.

Plant Shutdowns
Safe industrial coatings

All our personnel are trained and experiencing various access requirements to complete your project safely and efficiently.