Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive Blasting Toronto

At B.E.S.T. Painting Ltd., we offer industry  leading Abrasive Blasting/Sandblasting services throughout Southern Ontario and the GTA.

Lead by NACE Level 3 Coating Inspectors and Production staff, our QA/QC processes ensure your assets are properly addressed and achieve the specified levels of surface cleanliness prior to coating application.

Decades of field experience and careful dedication to each project guarantees your structures and equipment stand up to service environments of all types.

What is “Abrasive Blasting”?

Abrasive blasting, also known as sandblasting or abrasive cleaning, is an essential process in coating application for several reasons:

1. Surface Preparation: Abrasive blasting is used to remove contaminants, such as rust, scale, old paint, dirt, and other surface imperfections from the substrate. This process creates a clean and roughened surface that promotes better adhesion of the coating. Without proper surface preparation, coatings may not adhere well, leading to premature failure.

2. Adhesion Enhancement: The roughened surface created by abrasive blasting provides a more extensive surface area for the coating to bond to. This improved adhesion ensures that the coating adheres securely to the substrate, preventing peeling, chipping, or flaking.

3. Profile Control: Abrasive blasting allows for precise control over the surface profile or roughness of the substrate. Different abrasive media and blasting pressures can be used to achieve the desired profile, which is essential for optimizing the bonding of coatings. The appropriate profile is often specified by coating manufacturers.

4. Coating Longevity: Properly prepared surfaces through abrasive blasting can extend the lifespan of coatings. Coatings applied to unprepared or contaminated  surfaces are more likely to fail prematurely due to adhesion issues or the presence of hidden defects.

5. Coating Thickness Control: Abrasive blasting removes old coatings and surface irregularities, enabling better control over the thickness of the new coating. This is crucial for ensuring that the coating performs as intended and provides adequate protection.

6. Corrosion Prevention: One of the primary reasons for applying coatings is to protect substrates from corrosion. Abrasive blasting removes existing corrosion and creates a clean, corrosion-free surface, allowing the new coating to provide effective protection against future corrosion.

7. Environmental Benefits: Abrasive blasting can be an environmentally friendly method compared to chemical stripping or mechanical methods that generate waste or use harmful chemicals. Properly managed abrasive blasting can be a more sustainable surface preparation technique.

8. Versatility: Abrasive blasting can be used on various substrates, including metals, concrete, wood, and more, making it suitable for a wide range of coating applications in different industries.

9. Cost-Efficiency: While abrasive blasting requires initial equipment and labor costs, it can result in cost savings in the long run by extending the life of coatings, reducing the need for frequent re-coating, and minimizing the risk of costly surface failures.

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